What is keto diet

What is a keto diet?

Keto diet (Ketogenic diet) is a low-carb diet with a high percentage of fats in the diet, in which the body produces ketones in the liver and uses them as energy.

Initially, glucose is the main, most familiar and affordable source of energy for our body. When you eat something high in carbohydrates, our body processes them into glucose, which causes blood sugar to rise and to stabilize and distribute glucose to the body cells, the pancreas produces insulin.

Insulin – the main building hormone, which on the one hand is an important transport system for nutrients, on the other hand – interferes with the fat burning process.

Ketosis is the natural state of our body, which is triggered by a low glucose content in the diet. With it, the body produces ketones , breaking down fatty acids, to provide us with an adequate level of energy, nutrition of brain cells and organs.

The main task and the ultimate goal of the keto diet is to switch us to a state of ketosis . It is important to understand that it does not start at a low-calorie intake, but rather at a low carbohydrate content in the diet.

Our bodies are incredibly adaptive – as soon as they lack glucose, they easily switch to ketosis and begin to use fats as their main source of energy.

The optimal level of ketones and low blood sugar gives us many advantages: from an overall improvement in health and a decrease in the percentage of subcutaneous fat to an increase in mental concentration, energy level, and vitality.